Buying or selling home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. Here are some pointers to help you make your dream possible.

Self-preparation and self-prioritization:
Preparing yourself to purchase a home before you start your search is the best first step any buyer can take. Define your search parameters (price, location, type of home – viz. Single Family, or Condo, lot size, amenities, views, school districts etc.). Next prioritize your needs, as it will help you be flexible. And finally, evaluate how much you can afford for a down payment, as well as for the monthly outgoing on a mortgage, insurance, taxes and maintenance (if applicable).

Mortgage calculators:
Mortgage Calculators are easily available online and here , to help you get an estimation of your monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance payment amounts.


Lender preapproval:
In today’s competitive markets of short sales and foreclosures, it is important to be preapproved, as it provides proof to sellers and selling institutions that you are a serious buyer. Preapprovals will also help you understand your debt to income ratios, which will help you budget your monthly outgoing capacity for your home. Note, most preapprovals are available at $0.00 cost, another factor that favors getting them as a course of action.

Other crucial aspects involved in the buying process are listed below:
New versus Old Developments
Open Houses
Pointers on Paperwork Involved
A Clear Breakdown of Closing Costs
All these and other factors will be explicitly conveyed to every buyer in a step by step manner during our live in person presentation, thereby making buying a home a wonderful experience.


Selling a home is the most important decision you can make as a family, as an individual. As industry experts, we've gathered information that will help you in the process.

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Seller’s Agent:
It is important that you pick an agent you trust and in whom you have 100% faith because your agent will help you with pricing, marketing, staging and open homes to get you the best market price for your home. Every sale has unique requirements. Every home has unique needs to ensure a good sale. An area specialist will bring more to the table than would an outsider. Another crucial aspect of a seller’s agent is marketing. Word of mouth, web-based marketing, print advertising, ensures the greatest reach. Successful marketing also ensures heavy traffic for your open home; however, heavy traffic is not as important, as is the one buyer who will close. You should also make sure to work with a good negotiator. This becomes crucial once offers come in, because your agent is charged with ensuring a successful and profitable conclusion.

Exclusive ‘Seller’s Agent’ Listing agreement:
In order to work with top realtors and to get the best possible selling price, homeowners looking to sell usually sign Exclusive Listing Agreements with agents. This agreement is the initial contract between the seller and the realtor. It is time bound for six months to a year. It also sets the commissions of your realtor.


Other crucial aspects involved in the selling process are listed below:
Length of Time from Listed to Sold
Home Value/Listing Price
Staging for an Increase in Value (Please visit our staging page to understand why we think it is crucial to any proposed home sale.)
The Right Time to Sell
Seller Closing Costs
Living Options, Post-Closing
The Closing Process
All these and other factors will be explicitly conveyed to every seller in a step by step manner during our live in person presentation, thereby making selling a home a wonderful experience.


Staging is an important aspect for the potential sale of a home. Staging can range from home décor to feng shui to vastu shastra. Well-staged homes attract prospective buyers viewing properties for sale. A well staged home leaves a memorable impression on the mind of buyer. They retain the memory of this home as they compare other homes they see for sale in the marketplace. As your agent, Flavio will work with you to find staging solutions and improvements to optimize your property’s appeal to potential buyers.


Staging during an OPEN HOUSE
The open house showcases your property. Buyers and agents look at every detail of a home once it is listed within the market for sale. The structure, design, well-placed furniture, artworks and paintings, as well as freshly shampooed carpets will make your home look clean and neat and as good as new. As your agent we work to ensure the home will be presented with a look of “as if new’, to all who visit the home.

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